April 12, 2018

  1. 7:30 to 9:00
    Alumni Memorial Union
    • Registration

    • Good morning! The doors open at 7:30 AM for check-in and registration at Alumni Memorial Union on Marquette’s campus. $10 parking is available in the 16th Street Parking structure and the Wells Street Parking structure. You are encouraged to have cash for the structures. Parking conditions on campus are very tight so we encourage you to come early! Additional parking can be found on the street.

      A continental breakfast will also be served. We’ll wake you up with coffee, hot tea, orange juice, bagels, and even donut holes.

  2. 8:00 to 8:10
    Weasler Auditorium
    Welcome Address
    • Opening Remarks

    • Mat Lignel – CEO from Laughlin Constable

      Dr. Joyce Wolburg – Associate Dean from Diederich College of Communication

    • Join us for opening remarks in the Weasler Auditorium before we kick-off the day of digital advertising and marketing insights.

      We encourage all attendees to live tweet the event using the #MUdigital hashtag. We’re excited to have you here and even more excited for you to share what you learn today!

  3. 8:10 to 9:00
    Weasler Auditorium
    Lynette Xanders
    • Creativity in the Digital Age.  An oxymoron?

    • Lynette Xanders – CEO and Chief Strategist  from Wild Alchemy

    • It seems the faster we go and the more we rely on tech for everything, the easier it is to lose the magic that happens in the analog world. The trick is not necessarily knowing which apps to use when (although helpful), but knowing when to use a digital solution and when to use an analog solution. In essence, there are different types of work. And different times of day when you do your best work across these types of work. And different tools that help channel and harness the creativity and ideas that come from lining things up just right.  If you want to find better ways to come up with more creative ideas in this digital age, come play.

  4. 9:10 to 10:00
    AMU Ballroom A/B
    Tyler Krowiorz
    • What's old is new again: Introducing a 105 year old company to Today's Millennial Consumer

    • Tyler Krowiorz – Brand Marketing Manager  from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group

    • How do you encourage consumers to trust in a product they may never need to use, in a category they didn’t know existed, from a company they’ve never heard of? Since 1913 Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group has insured jewelry retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and individuals’ jewelry collections. So how does this product, in a fragmented marketplace with little brand loyalty, translate to today’s millennial consumer?

      Discover how Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group built a test and learn startup mindset within its walls, formulated a lasting consumer marketing strategy, and creatively applies the mantra of “being anywhere jewelry is sold” on a daily basis.

  5. 9:10 to 10:00
    AMU Ballroom C/D
    Tony Gnau
    • Video Marketing on a Budget: how to hire a pro or DIY videos that make a difference

    • Tony Gnau – Founder and Chief Storytelling Officer  from T60 Productions

    • Do you have a tiny budget for marketing videos? Okay… maybe no budget at all?! Tony Gnau from T60 Productions will show you how to find a pro to produce your videos, or at the very least… teach you how to do a better job on your DIY projects.

  6. 10:10 to 11:00
    AMU Ballroom A/B
    Tom Gores
    • Driving an Experimentation Culture

    • Tom Gores – Manager, Digital Testing Strategy & Insights  from Kohl’s Department Stores

    • Tom will speak about driving digital experimentation culture and how companies can realize the optimal value from testing analytics tools. Topics covered will include: A/B testing as a concept, why it is valuable, the growth of the testing program at Kohl’s, hurdles we faced along the way, some real examples of wins from A/B testing, current A/B testing industry trends, how it fits together with analytics tools, and how the concepts could apply to smaller businesses.

  7. 10:10 to 11:00
    AMU Ballroom C/D
    Heather Sullivan
    • 9 Things You Should Know About Blockchain

    • Heather Sullivan – Associate Director of External Relations  from Marquette University’s College of Business Administration and Graduate School of Management 

    • A short crash course on blockchain and cryptocurrencies
      Heather Sullivan, founder and director of the Marquette Blockchain Lab, will explain blockchain – the technology that undergirds the digital currency bitcoin – and how distributed ledgers might change the world.​

  8. 11:10 to 12:00
    AMU Ballroom A/B
    John Dempsey
    • How the Colonel got his groove back: Transforming an iconic brand in the digital age.

    • John DempseySenior Digital Strategist  from Wieden + Kennedy

    • In 2015, Kentucky Fried Chicken kicked off an impressive brand revival with The Return of Colonel Sanders, rising like a fried chicken-phoenix from the ashes to turn a decade of sales declines into 13 consecutive quarters of growth. At the heart of this turnaround is an ad campaign an ambitious focus on using digital to drive sales and build the brand. In this session you’ll get a peak behind the curtain at some of the hilarious non-traditional ideas that set KFC apart from its category, and learn the principles that have helped shift a struggling restaurant chain into an award-winning digital powerhouse.

  9. 11:15 to 12:00
    AMU Ballroom C/D
    Aaron Fetters
    • The Story is in the Data

    • Aaron FettersSenior Vice President  from comScore Marketing Solutions

    • In today’s quickly evolving media landscape consumer’s engagement and interaction with various forms of media is both growing and fascinating in its complexity.  Analytics is now a well-established fundamental of successful marketing, and being effective at turning data into insights often requires a creative approach.  Hear how media consumption is evolving, including trends in mobile, OTT and the connected home, as well as how to use some creative thinking in order to turn data and insights into successful marketing efforts.

  10. 12:00 to 1:00
    AMU Ballroom E
    • Lunch

    • Lunch is served!

      Refuel from the morning sessions. All attendees will receive a complimentary lunch. Don’t worry, we have options for meat-lovers and vegetarians alike! If you prefer to stretch your legs, there are many restaurants and chains on campus.

      And don’t forget to network. Say hi to someone you don’t know. Better yet, invite them to lunch.

  11. 1:10 to 2:00
    Weasler Auditorium
    Rob Biesenbach
    • Unleash the Power of Storytelling: Win Hearts, Change Minds, Get Results

    • Rob Biesenbach – Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Consultant from Rob Biesenbach

    • As marketers and communicators, we are bombarded with information attesting to the power of stories to break down walls, build trust, and influence people to act. But what exactly goes into a good story? And how do we find, shape and tell powerful stories that get the results we want? This engaging, interactive session cuts through all the hype surrounding storytelling to clarify and demystify the process. You’ll come away with practical strategies for using stories to create more compelling content, promote your brand, win business, align and motivate teams and more.

  12. 2:10 to 3:00
    AMU Ballroom A/B
    • Contributing to the Food Supply Through Agriculture Education

    • Jessie Kreke – Senior Marketing Manager from Culver Franchising System LLC.

    • With the world’s population expected to increase by 29 percent over the next 30 years, how will we to rise to the challenge of feeding a lot more people using the same amount of land and water that we have today? Culver’s has always been passionate about serving our friends and neighbors, and is committed to doing our part to make sure we have enough good, wholesome food in our future by supporting agricultural education programs that encourage smart farming. Since introducing the Thank You Farmers Project in 2013, Culver’s restaurants and guests have raised over $1.7 million to benefit national and local FFA programs and other agricultural organizations. Learn more about how Culver’s activates this cause marketing initiative from in-restaurant activities to digital to outdoor tactics like blue barns and corn mazes!

  13. 2:10 to 3:00
    AMU Ballroom C/D
    Sam Saha
    • Ethical considerations in the age of AI

    • Sam Saha – Vice President of Engineering from Laughlin Constable

    • AI – from being always right around the corner to rapidly impacting major aspects of our lives – is promising technology to define and shape how people live theirs. From the humble perceptron to rapid advances in Deep Learning, it has been an exciting journey that shows no stopping nor slowing down. Automating away some of our mundane tasks with intelligent systems is a great way to free up people to pursue more abstract problems and creative solutions. The potential benefits from self driving cars to medical diagnoses to smart infrastructure, AI has endless potential to make our lives better, and will get incorporated into our lives without us really noticing it. Just like furniture, the truly useful technology or tool becomes part of our lives with little disruption or notice.
      And therein lie the risks of AI. It’s too easy to get comfortable with technology that enables your lifestyle and really hard to reject it.

      Some of the risks, like job losses, are obvious. But others are a bit more hidden. I would hate for AI to become the cop out for us as a society.

      This talk is designed to excite discussion around some of the risks and ethical dilemmas that AI can pose, and our responsibility as creatives and technologists to keep them in mind.

  14. 3:10 to 4:00
    AMU Ballroom A/B
    Joe Martinez
    • Using Event Tracking to Create Intent-Based Remarketing Audiences

    • Joe Martinez – Director of Paid Search and Community from Granular

    • Are you blasting remarketing ads to everyone who visited your website or landing pages? You might be annoying users or wasting money targeting ads to people who never intended to buy anything form you. Who do you think is a more valuable lead? The person who visited a page or the person who started filling out a contact form and didn’t complete it? You probably will pick the second person because we get an understanding of what the user intended to do. This session will show you how you can track user activity on your pages to create intent-based remarketing audiences.

      You’ll learn…
      Where to go to set up the event tracking
      What kinds of actions you can track
      New remarketing strategies you can use
      How you can can utilize these new audiences in search

  15. 3:10 to 4:00
    AMU Ballroom C/D
    • Leveraging New Opportunity for Digital Video

    • Dennis Ryan – Client and Agency Creative Consultant/Collaborator at Large

    • A lifelong student of film and production, today Dennis focuses on where video content will go next, beyond a selling platform to its rapidly evolving position as the preferred communication platform.

  16. 4:15 to 5:30
    Union Sports Annex
    • Networking & Cocktail Reception

    • The day doesn’t have to end yet. We invite attendees to join us for a Happy Hour at the MU Annex for networking, drinks, and food. Share what you have learned with others and mingle with our speakers and partners.

      We hope to see you there.

  17. 5:30 to 9:00
    Digital Summit After Party
    • Digital Summit After Party Sponsored by United Adworkers

    • Please join us for the Digital Summit After Party featuring guest speaker, John Dempsey, Senior Digital Strategist at Wieden + Kennedy. You will have an opportunity to hear more about John’s work in transforming the iconic KFC brand in the digital age.

      Hosted at Onesto in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. $5 for Adworkers members + Digital Summit attendees / $10 for non-members.

      Click here to purchase tickets online and reserve your seat.

      5:30pm – Happy Hour + networking
      6:15pm – Guest Speaker John Dempsey
      7:30 – 8:30pm – Drinks + Networking