April 12, 2018


Digital Summit

Join us Thursday, April 12, 2018 at the Alumni Memorial Union at Marquette University for the 6th annual Digital Summit, which will feature a day of sessions from digital thought leaders sharing their insights, expertise and experience on how to take your digital marketing communication to the next level.

This year’s focus is Applied Creativity.

Creativity in strategic communication is not limited to words, pictures and sound. Ideas can begin anywhere. Too often, we might feel we aren’t creative, but only because we limit that description to the area of our industry that bears that name. The Creative Department. In fact, often the genesis of ideas and the insights that lead to them come from account planners, field sales representatives, channel partners, media planners, public relations managers and even interns. What’s more, being creative doesn’t have to be limited to what we might narrowly describe as ads, programs, and promotions. Sometimes being creative is doing things a new way, finding better methods to deliver messages, or managing projects. And with rapidly evolving and increasingly accessible technology, it’s become more difficult to understand where creativity can play a part. The answer, “Anywhere.” Often, people simply need permission to be creative. While that might sound simplistic, ask yourself: have you been creative today?

The 2018 Digital Summit, part of the Insight Summit Series, is all about finding new, fun and productive ways to bring creativity to all aspects of our work (except maybe how we keep our books, of course). At this year’s Digital Summit, we hope to challenge attendees to stimulate our individual creative muses, regardless of which area of the process we work, and show how digital and technology can enhance, inspire and even change the way we activate creativity. Sometimes we all just need permission to get in the game. ​

Brought to you by the Diederich College of Communication at Marquette University and Laughlin Constable, the Digital Summit is designed to cover the topics that matter to you most. We believe in case studies, actionable data and exploring the latest trends and tactics to help better engage with your customers.

Proceeds from the event benefit a scholarship fund for students of the Diederich College of Communication at Marquette University.

  • When

    The 2018 Digital Summit will be held on Thursday, April 12th. Digital Workshops will be held on Wednesday, April 11th.

  • Where

    Marquette University
    Alumni Memorial Union
    1442 W. Wisconsin Ave.
    Milwaukee, WI, 53233

  • What Our Attendees Learn

    How do we answer the most pressing digital challenges we face today? Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to industry leaders discuss the strategies and frameworks used to best create, measure, and optimize the digital strategic communication experience.

    From planning digital advertising, PR or social media campaigns, through their execution, and measurement — attendees will gain an understanding of what's coming and how to begin to prepare for it now.

  • Who should attend

    The ever-changing digital landscape means you need to be prepared to provide context and relevance to your consumers.

    Whether you are a veteran or new to digital marketing, the Insight Summit Series is a welcoming experience. Our keynotes, sessions, and panel discussions provide the strategies, frameworks, and thinking behind the most pressing challenges organizations face today.